The private clinic provides cosmetic procedures and to date have performed more than any other cosmetic clinic in the UK. An important part of the modern non-invasive but effective cosmetic treatments have been developed by this company and they continue doing so to this date, always staying ahead of the curve and the competitors.

Medspa is a beauty clinic located in Chelsea, London that has gained a solid reputation over the years as one of the most sought after and welcoming beauty clinic in London. They managed this by beautifully designing their treatment rooms and welcoming lobby, constantly investing in staff training and always keeping up to date with the latest and most modern beauty treatments and machines.

Medspa is a beauty clinic that welcomes you with serene treatment rooms and friendly staff. All the beauty products used are of high quality with no compromises. Amongst the various equipment that stock the treatment rooms you will find one of the most modern laser hair removal machine, Soprano ICE, which can only be found in few of UK’s beauty clinics. When you say Medspa Beauty Clinic you say spa, relaxation and visible results. This clinic located in Chelsea, London will make an impression over you with the serene atmosphere it welcomes you as soon as you go through their door step. They have everything from massage and aromatherapy to laser hair removal and body wraps.

Medspa Beauty Clinic
55-57 Notting Hill Gate
London, WII 3JS

The Medspa Beauty Clinic is a high standard point of reference on the London beauty clinics market. With a lovely welcoming environment and the use of state of the art equipment this beauty clinic rightfully earned its name as one of the most respected beauty clinics in the London area.

PCT Healthcare is the mother company of Peak Pharmacy and came to life as the merging result bewteen Peak Pharmacy and Tims and Parker. This resulted in more competitive prices and a broader offer.

This award winning community pharmacy group and healthcare provider owns pharmacies all over the United Kingdom. Built to the aim of becoming a great pharmacy brand this pharmacy is all about satisfying the customers and providing the best service.

John Bell and Croyden has a long history as a company and is constantly setting standards when providing bespoke health solutions. Check out their neat website now for more details, informations and for the phisycal location of the pharmacies.

Chemist Direct is an online focused pharmacy with products available to order at any time. The profesionalism of the team behind the name helped this company to be United Kingdom`s number one online pharmacy.

The London Osteopathy Clinic is placed in Central London. Our all treatments are safe, Effective and Proactive. Our expert osteopaths are suitable for treating long term problems, new injuries and is suitable for all ages. We are also serving are services in field of Back Pain, Neck Pain.

57a Wimpole St

Doctor Arthritis is a medical company founded by two practicing doctors and a team of experts, who together have designed and developed a range of products which ameliorate the symptoms of arthritis. Being copper infused and putting just the right amount of pressure to the painful area, the gloves and sleeves created by Doctor Arthritis reduce and ameliorate the symptoms of the arthritis while improving the patient’s lifestyle.

Dr. Arthritis Ltd., 86 Marque House, 143 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8RA, United Kingdom