Element7 wood flooring


Element 7 is a modern company with a good looking website that matches their products quality. E7’s client portfolio is spectacular with names such as Sebastian Vettel and Giorgio Armani amongst other being on the list, you can be sure that world class handcrafting is what you will get, so no concerns about quality issues here.

Bespoke colours can be requested throughout our product range. However, do bear in mind that producing the right colour is only half the battle; achieving a colourfast floor finish is crucial.
A wide-plank wood floor can be specified with bespoke lengths and widths; we can go up to a spectacular metre in width and an incredible fourteen metres in length (single-face). We could also fit rooms without plank end joints, the plank lengths can span the entire width or length of the room.
Bespoke patterned parquet floors are increasingly popular, simply give us a drawing. Classic parquet patterns, such as herringbone, can also be made to measure, either in extra small, or extra large dimensions.
Another choice, is to combine different materials within the same floor. For example, a Versailles panel that incorporates both wood and leather has a very distinctive allure.